Love Quotes
I came with love, for love, to be the love, and at the end I want to vanish in love.
The more you love yourself, the more power you will have to love others.
Love is a language which everyone can understand without interpretation.
The most loving is the one who can love without judging.
A true patriot loves humanity, not just their country or community.
Our life is given to us, but living life with integrity and love is a choice.
The most adventurous journey in life is loving someone.
Love is an incurable and infectious disease, so spread it.
What you think, attract and seek, you will find. What you love, you will become.
If you desire love, sow seeds of love all around you and nurture with the water of kindness.
Let kindness be the song of your life and silence be the voice of your love.
Love is the seed of every achievement and every happiness.
You are like a guitar; the strings of your heart will only play songs you learned with deep love.
The art of living a beautiful life is to live in the beauty of love.
Burn yourself with the fire of love and let it spread the fragrance of happiness.
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Even after all this time your love is blooming in my heart like a fresh flower and spreading the fragrance of happiness. Happy Anniversary!
Let us celebrate this anniversary with a toast remembering those blissful memories and countless moments of love.
Love is calling from a distant shore, let me go.
Summer is calling me with the music of an ocean breeze, so I must go dance with the waves of love.
Flames of your smile burn my whole heart to purify it.
One way to get the most out of life is by creating emptiness and giving away love so the universe can fill it again and again.
I adore your smile with my love, I touched your soul with my heart.
Anything can happen at any moment to anyone, so it’s better to accept it with love and wonder.
Love always and dream to carpe noctem.
To get lost in love is the ultimate blessing of life.
I will love you and you will live in my love, my dear, until the end of time.
Above all, loving yourself is the truest love.
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by Noor Chisti
Love Quotes
To get lost in love is the ultimate blessing of life.
Above all, loving yourself is the truest love.
I will love you and you will live in my love, my dear, until the end of time.
I don't find joy in cruelty, only love fills my heart with joy.
We often forget to love because we are so busy living.
All suffering comes with a gift of love, which is the best lesson of life. Love blooms in our memory like a beautiful flower.
In deep silence and consideration, write my name in your heart with the letters of love.
Don’t go, my dear, don’t go anywhere leaving your heart behind.
Your love is like a warm summer breeze, it lets my heart dance with joy.
You are not here to understand, you are here to feel and fall in love. Understanding is too primordial to dwell in.
Love has no description only feelings, love is its own description.
Every baby is born with a new world in her heart, full of love, hope, dreams and endless possibilities.
She was giving away her love with kindness and care to fill her heart with love and soul with happiness.
We may be a strong adult, but our heart is longing for love like a child.
You are born to love, care and share without expectation to feel the pure joy of life.
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Let us be loving to enjoy.
If you win with love, then you're a true winner. All other ways are a mirage.
Think about love, seek love, live in love. Fill your heart, mind and soul with love. Be the love to find the ultimate joy, which is your ultimate goal in life.
A woman sees through her heart, hears through her soul and speaks through her love. So, believe her with love.
True love stories are written in hearts with the language of feelings, colors of emotions and ink of magical dust.
If you want to achieve anything, employ your power of love and willpower.
It is not how long we are living, but how much love we gave away that defines the value of our life.
Lead with love and care, not power and order.
Loving others with kindness is the greatest wisdom.
Love is something you can't give, it must be accepted. Love is something you can't demand, it must be given.
When you learn to love deeper, life gets prettier.
Live with love, walk with love, speak with love and listen with love. You will find that life is a fountain of love, joy and happiness.
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by Noor Chisti