Love Quotes
I invited her with love into my lovely world of love.
Never forget to get lost so you can find your way with love.
A wounded heart often finds the courage to discover the wonders of life.
I am wealthy beyond imagination; I have no money, but my heart is full of love.
Love is attracting oneself to oneself to nothingness. Infinite possibilities are void and empty.
The power of love is derived from the ability to be kind and forgiving.
Everyone has power to love, but only a few will use it to live.
If desires grow as flowers of love, fruits of happiness will germinate there.
Your love attracts and transforms your life.
The only truly beautiful thing is love. When you look through the glass of love, everything become beautiful.
Life can’t bloom without love just as plants can’t bloom without light.
Love until you bleed to death; the stairs toward heaven will be open for you.
You will always find what your heart is ready to see.
Life may take us far away, apart from one another, but our love will dance together to the same song in our hearts.
Love yourself tirelessly, because no one will do it if you don't.
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Love is the most beautiful gift and you are the manifestation of love. That is why you’re so delightful and precious.
Cherish every moment and fill it with love; these moments are precious and will not return.
I love you like the sun loves the earth from a distance. I’d like to fill your heart with warmth and amore.
Feel to love and love to feel.
Love has infinite power.
Love more to live more.
Love can cross all barriers and distance without breaking the walls to reach her destination.
Stay calm and stay in love.
Your love is your way, follow it.
Invest love; you will gain everything and lose nothing.
Be generous! Give away your love.
I love only love.
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by Noor Chisti
Love Quotes
Your love is your way, follow it.
Invest love; you will gain everything and lose nothing.
I love only love.
Be generous! Give away your love.
Be as you love to be, dream as you love to see.
Fill your cup with love.
Invest in love, it’s all profit at no cost.
Be in peace to find peace.
Be amazing, for it makes life worth living.
A loving gesture and a caring hand often make life a little brighter for the giver.
Love too much to live too much.
Be loving, it is amazingly attractive.
If you know how to swim in love, then you have all you need to live a blissful life.
Nothing can turn off the light of your love. So, turn it on and never turn it off.
Something better will always come along if you keep faith in yourself and persist with love.
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If love is your only power then how can you hate?
Burn yourself with the fire of your own love to purify your being so that others can love you.
It is very intriguing that if you love yourself, the universe will love you too.
When there is a dilemma between love and hate, always choose love.
If love is all you have, then you have all you need to live a magnificent and happy life.
If kindness is all you have, then you have everything you need to win in this world.
Blessed are those who can love everyone without expecting anything in return and find blessings everywhere the look and go.
If you truly love yourself, you will never be able to hurt anyone.
There are billions of hidden seeds of love. If you plant those, you can make the whole world bloom with flowers of love.
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by Noor Chisti